Murfreesboro Social Security Disability Lawyer

From the first day of your first job, you begin paying into the Social Security system with every paycheck you earn. Not only does a portion of the money you earn help people who become disabled and can no longer work, but it also acts as a safety net for you and your family if you become disabled.  That is why claims of this nature are so frightening and frustrating.  It is also why you need to reach out to a Murfreesboro Social Security Disability Lawyer as soon as possible to get started on a claim to receive your hard earned benefits.

Although you are entitled to the money you spent years adding to the system, it’s not always easy to get approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits when you get hurt. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict criteria for approving new applicants, and sometimes people who are truly deserving of benefits fall through the cracks.

Our Murfreesboro Social Security Disability lawyers know all the ins-and-outs of the SSD system and we know what it takes to get claims approved. Don’t let the SSA deny you the money you’ve earned over the course of your career. Contact us today at by dialing (615) 600-4941 or fill out a free online form to get in touch with our legal professionals.  The skilled and compassionate Murfreesboro Personal Injury Attorneys at Matt Hardin Law can help you with this or any manner of injury or accident.

How We Can Help Your Claim

When you contact Matt Hardin Law, you’ll get a team of experienced Murfreesboro Social Security Disability lawyers who can help you:

Determine the extent of your disability

Even if you’ve been to the doctor for your injuries, you may not be aware of the extent of your disability and how it affects your capacity to work. We’ll work with you and your doctor to determine what type of work, if any, you’re still able to perform.

Determine if you’re eligible to receive benefits

Even if you suffered an injury that puts you out of work, you may still need to meet other criteria to be considered eligible to receive SSD benefits. We’ll review your situation and make notes of things like your ability to do the work you did before, your ability to do other types of work, whether or not your condition is considered “disabling” by the SSA, your age, your education level, your level of fluency in English, and your work experience.

Research and select available benefits for your condition

SSD benefits cover a wide variety of conditions and disabilities, and the types of awards you can receive vary significantly. When we begin building your claim, we’ll research the benefits you may be eligible to receive based on your injury, disability, work history, number of family members, previous income, and more. It’s our goal to match you and your family with the benefits you need to cover your lost income.

Gather information and complete an application for benefits

Applying for SSD benefits requires extensive paperwork and an often long and drawn out application process. We’ll help you gather all of the paperwork and information you need to make your application as complete as possible, and we’ll also help you submit everything as soon as possible after your injury to expedite your waiting time.

Appeal the SSA’s decision if your claim is denied

Sometimes, even the best and most complete claims are denied by the SSA. If that happens to you, our Murfreesboro SSD lawyers will create a strong appeal designed to help you get the benefits you deserve. Our legal team knows how the appeals process works, and we can put our knowledge to work by helping you maximize your chances of approval.

Getting approved for SSD benefits can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, but it can also be a lifeline for your family—especially if you’re out of work for an extended period of time. Don’t let your injury leave you and your family in a financial bind—get in touch with Matt Hardin Law and get the money you deserve.

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