Workers’ Compensation for On-the-Job Auto Accidents

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Whether you drive a vehicle as part of your employment duties on a daily basis or on rare occasions, you put yourself at risk every time you get behind the wheel. Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of life and something that can occur at any time when you’re driving, but if you get hurt in a car crash while you’re on the job, you should be entitled to the same compensation you would receive if you got hurt on the job site.

Tennessee workers’ compensation is designed to provide people who get hurt on the job with the money they need to pay for their accident-related expenses while they’re too hurt to go back to work and earn the paychecks their families depend on. At Matt Hardin Law, we believe that those benefits should be extended to people who were injured in company vehicles or while driving as part of their employment duties, and it’s our goal to help victims get the compensation they deserve.

What Compensation Can You Receive from Workers’ Compensation?

If you get injured while driving as part of your employment duties and file a claim for workers’ compensation, you may be eligible to receive compensation for a variety of expenses that you incur, including:

Lost wages

Your family relies on the income you receive at your job to pay bills, keep everyone clothed and sheltered, and save up for emergencies and the future. So when you suddenly lose your ability to work due to an on-the-job car accident, you also lose the steady paychecks you need to provide for your loved ones.
Filing a successful workers’ compensation claim can give you access to money that will replace a portion of your income that can help your family get by until you are ready to go back to work.

Medical bills

After an on-the-job car accident, you may need transportation to the hospital to receive treatment. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you also may need multiple procedures and surgeries that require days or even weeks of overnight stays until you’re healed enough to go home.

But the expenses don’t end there, as you may still need physical rehabilitation, prescription medications, and medical devices such as canes or walkers to help you move. Those costs can add up and be more than you can afford, even if you have health insurance, but workers’ compensation can make it possible for you to get the treatments and care you need.

Reduced quality of life

Employment-related auto accidents can cause you to suffer injuries so severe that you may lose your ability to enjoy your passions, including your hobbies and even spending time with your family. Whether you become disabled or are in severe pain as a result of the accident, being unable to live your life the way you want can be immensely frustrating and distressing. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to factor this all too common outcome of accidents into settlement claims that injured workers can receive, and the additional money can help you during this difficult time.

Job training, education, and rehabilitation

The injuries you suffered as a result of your on-the-job car accident may result in lifelong disabilities or pain that permanently prevent you from doing the job you did before you got hurt. Being unable to go back to work but being able to do other types of work is a common scenario after workplace injuries, and that’s why workers’ compensation can provide money for you to receive job training, job education, and vocational rehabilitation that’s designed to help you either switch to a new position at your old employer or find a new job entirely.

The amount of compensation you can receive for the factors listed above depends on the severity of your injuries and how much they are expected to interfere with your life, your finances, and your ability to continue working or find new work. At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys can investigate both the car accident and the injuries you suffered and prepare a claim that’s designed to maximize the amount of money you’re eligible to receive.

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