How Are Businesses Responsible For Reducing Norovirus Risks

The owners of private businesses, including hotels and restaurants, are responsible for doing everything in their power to protect the health and safety of their guests and customers. One of the most contagious and common illnesses in the United States—an infection of the gastrointestinal tract called norovirus—can be prevented when business owners enact and adhere to strict personal hygiene standards for their employees. When they fail to meet those standards, their customers and guests can get become infected and develop debilitating symptoms.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville norovirus attorneys know that people who are infected by this illness often suffer not only physically, but also financially and professionally. Norovirus can cause victims to experience severe vomiting and diarrhea, resulting in several days of missed work, and many even require hospitalization due to severe dehydration. Because of the preventable nature of this disease, we believe that victims should be compensated for the negligence of business owners who failed to prevent its spread.

3 Ways to Stop the Transmission of Norovirus

Although norovirus is highly contagious, the risk incurred by guests of hotels, restaurants, and other private businesses can be significantly reduced when business owners take a few simple steps towards minimizing transmission, including:

Making all employees wash their hands frequently

Whether they’re servers, bartenders, cooks, front desk attendants, or valets, people who come into close contact with hotel and restaurant guests or their food can put others at risk of becoming infected with diseases like norovirus if they fail to frequently wash their hands. It’s the responsibility of the owners of private establishments to make sure that employees who handle food, dishes, room keys, and other items used by customers and guests keep their hands clean and germ-free while on duty.

Keeping countertops, room keys, door handles, and other surfaces sterilized

In addition to being spread from person to person contact, norovirus can also live on surfaces. People who touch things that were previously touched by infected employees can become sick within a matter of hours. That’s why it’s vital that business owners instruct their managers and employees to sterilize surfaces and items that are commonly touched by both staff and guests.

Sending infected employees home before they can make others sick

Although it’s not always possible to tell when people are infected with norovirus, it’s the responsibility of private businesses to send home any employees who are sick with the illness if they become aware of their infection. Allowing employees who are infected with norovirus to work in areas where members of the public will be can put hundreds or even thousands of people at risk of becoming seriously ill.

Stopping the spread of norovirus requires diligence and a strict adherence to hygiene standards by both the owners of an establishment and its employees. When those strict standards aren’t met on a daily basis, innocent victims can become infected with norovirus, which can potentially put lives at risk.

Depend on Matt Harden Law to Represent You

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