Logging Truck Accidents

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The beautiful forests in Middle Tennessee provide spectacular scenery for local residents and contribute to the area’s bustling economy. However, a critical part of that economy is the use of logging trucks to haul raw materials to and from work sites and processing plants.

Because of their extreme weight and oversized cargo, logging trucks pose significant dangers to other motorists on roadways throughout the mid-state. Whether they jackknife, lose their cargo, or simply collide with other vehicles, logging trucks can cause serious accidents and serious injuries to innocent victims if truck drivers, companies, and owners are negligent in any way.

How Do Logging Truck Accidents Happen?

The Nashville logging truck accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law have seen many different logging truck cases over the years, and while they all have unique circumstances, the causes are often similar. Some of the most common causes of logging truck accidents that we’ve handled in our practice include:

Driver error

Logging trucks are huge vehicles that can carry cargo weighing tens of thousands of pounds. Because of the extreme dangers their vehicles and cargo pose to other drivers, logging truck drivers must receive thorough training and pass exams to receive special licenses. When they’re on the roadway, they must follow not only the standard traffic laws but also special regulations that pertain to the trucking industry.

Maintenance neglect

When a standard passenger vehicle experiences a tire blowout or has poorly maintained brakes, the results can be dangerous—but drivers are often able to regain control of their vehicles and avoid collisions. But when a logging truck experiences the failure of critical components such as brakes, tires, and steering, the results can be deadly—especially if the truck is in an area with frequent and heavy traffic.

Improper loading procedures or tie-downs

In many cases, the biggest danger drivers face when traveling near a logging truck isn’t the truck itself—it’s the truck’s cargo. Logging trucks can carry huge sections of trees that can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. If any of the cargo becomes loose and falls off the truck either during normal operation or as a result of an accident, the cargo can cause devastating damage to vehicles and even buildings that are in the area.

Negligent driving by other motorists

Not all logging truck accidents are the fault of someone who is responsible for the truck itself. In some cases, logging truck accidents may be caused by a negligent driver who causes the truck driver to overcorrect or swerve to avoid a collision, causing the truck to jackknife or flip over.

The parties that are often considered responsible for logging truck accidents include the truck drivers, owners, and the company using the truck—or even an unaffiliated party in the case of other negligent drivers whose actions set events of the accident into motion.

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The injuries that victims suffer after logging truck accidents are often debilitating and even life-threatening. Victims may experience disability, chronic pain, and a reduced quality of life. Some may even be unable to work while facing expensive medical bills that they can’t afford.

Our legal team is dedicated to helping logging truck accident victims get full compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair costs. Get in touch with a Nashville truck accident lawyer today to find out how we can help you and your family put the accident behind you. Just dial fill out a free online consultation form.

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