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Big trucks require extensive driver training, careful and precise loading, and frequent maintenance in order to decrease the risk they pose to other drivers. Of those three factors, maintenance is often the one that’s ignored or neglected by truck drivers, companies, and owners—and the results can be life-threatening for innocent victims on Tennessee’s roadways.

While every aspect of trucks, ranging from their headlights and brakes to their steering columns and trailer connections require frequent maintenance, truck wheels, and tires are among the parts that fail the most frequently and cause the most accidents.

What Causes Big Trucks to Lose Their Wheels?

There are several factors that can result in big trucks losing wheels while they’re on the roadway, such as:

The studs and bolts on the wheel or tire were not tightened

One of the most common reasons for trucks to lose tires and wheels while in operation is due to the failure of the truck driver, company, or owner to tighten those components after performing routine maintenance on the truck. A wheel or tire that isn’t properly tightened may not fall off right away, but every rotation of the wheel can further loosen it from the wheelbase before it eventually detaches from the vehicle.

The studs and bolts on the wheel or tire were overtightened

Failure to tighten a wheel isn’t the only reason for wheels to fall off big trucks—overtightening the studs and bolts can also cause them to break and a wheel to detach while the vehicle is in motion. Overtightening these components is often a sign of negligent maintenance or inexperience on the part of the driver or mechanic who is in charge of working on the truck.

The studs and bolts used to attach the wheel were the wrong size or type

Certain types of wheels and tires use certain types of studs and bolts. While the wrong type of studs and bolts may appear to fit a specific wheel or tire, anything less than a perfect fit will eventually fail—and that can be catastrophic for both the truck driver and other motorists nearby when the failure occurs.

The truck driver failed to perform a pre-trip inspection

Truck drivers are required to inspect their trucks before every trip. That means checking vital safety components—especially the wheels and tires—before heading out on the roadway. If a truck loses a wheel while in motion, there’s a good chance the truck driver failed to thoroughly inspect his vehicle before the trip began, which can make him or her responsible for any injuries and damage caused by the wheel loss.

Most wheel loss cases involve negligence on some level by either the truck driver, owner, or company that’s responsible for using the truck to conduct business. The Nashville truck accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law know how to investigate wheel loss cases and determine who is responsible for the injuries and damage suffered by the victims.

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