Rollover Truck Accidents

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Rollover truck accidents are a frequent cause of major traffic jams and backups on highways and interstates, and while they may seem like only inconveniences for many drivers who aren’t near the accidents when they occur, they can result in life-changing accidents and injuries for others who aren’t so lucky.

When a truck rolls over, it not only has a chance of crashing into or on top of other vehicles, but it also may cause multiple vehicles to crash into its cabin or trailer that were traveling near it or just behind it when the initial accident occurred.

Rollover accidents are fairly common on roadways in Tennessee, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that around 15,000 commercial trucks are involved in rollover accidents every year. While rollover accidents account for only around four percent of all truck accidents, 12 percent of truck accident deaths are due to these types of crashes.

What Causes Rollover Truck Accidents?

The Nashville truck accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law know how dangerous rollover accidents are for drivers and passengers who are in the vicinity of large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers when they roll on busy roadways. When our legal team takes on a rollover truck accident case, one of the first things we do is determine what caused the crash.

Some of the most common factors that lead to rollover truck accidents include:

Impaired, distracted, or fatigued driving

Driving a truck requires undivided attention, quick reflexes, sound judgment, and the ability to use years of training and experience in potentially dangerous situations. All of these critical traits and abilities can be significantly diminished when truck drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, using electronic devices or looking away from the road for any reason, or driving while fatigued and sleepy. In addition to being required to follow the same rules of the road as all other drivers, truck drivers must also maintain strict rest and sleep schedules to avoid nodding off behind the wheel.

Loads that are too heavy, uneven, or improperly secured

In order for a truck to remain safe and easily controlled on a roadway, it must be well-balanced and at or below its maximum weight limit. The maximum weight limit for most trucks is 80,000 pounds, and when that limit is exceeded, the maneuverability of a truck can be significantly impaired. In addition, trucks must also be loaded properly and evenly, with heavy loads split in location between load bearing points like axles. Finally, truck cargo—especially if it’s not in an enclosed trailer—should be fully secured and not in danger of moving around or coming loose. When cargo is unevenly or loosely loaded, drivers can lose control and trucks can flip due to sudden movements and shifts in weight.

Speeding on highway/interstate exits and on-ramps

Although rollover accidents can occur anywhere on roadways, a large number of these types of crashes occur on highway/interstate exits and on-ramps. Both exits and on-ramps often have speed limits that are significantly lower than the speed limits on the roadways they’re connected to—especially when they’re located on cloverleaf-style interchanges with sharp turns. When truck drivers fail to reduce their speed when entering on-ramps or exits, they may lose control while navigating the turns on these stretches of road, putting them at significant risk of rollover accidents.

Legal Aid is at Your Finger Tips, Call Matt Hardin Law

Whether their vehicles were damaged initially by a truck rolling over or due to crashing into the truck while it was in the process of rolling, victims of these types of accidents commonly suffer serious and disabling injuries that can make it difficult for them to work. At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville truck accident attorneys know that many victims of rollover accidents are in too much pain or simply unable to continue performing their previous jobs, leaving them incapable of paying for their expensive medical bills and providing for their families.

Our legal team believes that victims who weren’t at fault for accidents should never have to pay for their own treatments out of their pockets, and that’s why we fight to hold the responsible parties accountable for these types of accidents.

If you or someone you know was injured in a truck accident that was caused by a negligent truck driver, truck company, or truck owner, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your accident-related expenses. Our legal team has two decades of combined experience building strong cases for victims and we know what it takes to win. To speak with us about your accident and injuries, just dial complete a free online consultation form today.

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