How Much Does it Cost to File a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

The biggest incentive that the government offers to private citizens for filing qui tam lawsuits is the promise of receiving a percentage of the money it recovers for stopping fraudulent activity.

However, many people who become aware of fraud occurring at the government’s expense are hesitant to file a lawsuit due to the perceived costs of hiring a lawyer. The common perception of attorneys is that they charge hundreds of dollars per hour—and many people consider that to be too big of a gamble, especially if they’re unsure of the merits of their case.

You Don’t Pay Us Unless We Win

Don’t let fear of expensive attorney’s fees and high hourly rates dissuade you from seeking the compensation you deserve. At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville qui tam attorneys work on a contingency fee basis—that means we won’t charge you a dime for our representation unless we win. That means that if you bring a potential qui tam case to our attention, you won’t see a single bill from our office unless our work gets you paid.

Qui tam cases affect everyone—especially when they steal or waste taxpayer money. Our legal team believes in making the legal system open and available to everyone regardless of their abilities to pay upfront, and it’s our goal to make it easy for people like you to stop fraudulent activity as soon as they see it.

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If you have a potential qui tam case, it’s important that you act fast before the evidence disappears or the statute of limitations runs out. The Nashville qui tam lawyers at Matt Hardin Law know the ins-and-outs of building strong cases against individuals and companies that defraud the government, and we can help maximize your chances of getting full compensation as a whistleblower.

Get in touch with our legal team by dialing by completing our free and confidential online form. Because we keep all qui tam case information private and discrete every step of the way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us today.

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