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Commercial trucks are much bigger and heavier than standard passenger vehicles, but trucks that are equipped to carry oversized loads can outweigh traditional cars and trucks by 100,000 pounds or more and be several hundred feet in length.

Because of their enormous size, oversized trucks require frequent maintenance, safety guidelines—including safety car escorts—and extensive training for the drivers. If any of those vital steps are skipped, neglected, or done haphazardly, serious accidents can occur.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Oversized Truck Accidents?

Like all big trucks, oversized trucks are the responsibility of multiple parties every time they’re used on a public roadway. The parties who hold the most responsibility for the operation of oversized load trucks include:

The drivers

In most states, drivers of big trucks that are authorized to carry oversized loads require special training and licensure to prove that they’re capable of maneuvering a vehicle that can weigh more than 100,000 pounds and extend hundreds of feet behind them. In addition to proving that they can handle the physical demands of driving such a large vehicle, truck drivers also need to prove that they’re familiar with federal, state, and local requirements for transporting oversized loads, including knowing which routes to take, avoiding bridges that aren’t equipped to handle extreme weights, and bypassing narrow roadways or tunnels to keep themselves and other drivers safe.

The truck companies

Whether they’re using a truck themselves or allowing another company to use it to haul a large load, truck companies are responsible for making sure that their trucks aren’t overloaded beyond the point where they’re safe to drive. In addition, they also need to make sure that the truck doesn’t exceed size and weight limitations imposed by the federal and state government. Although oversized loads can be much larger than the loads traditionally hauled by big trucks, there are limits in place and truck companies must always follow those limits to help reduce the risk of accidents.

The truck owners

Because of their weight and size, big trucks can be difficult to drive and maneuver even during the best circumstances. However, when they have been poorly maintained or neglected, they can be extremely dangerous—both for the drivers and for other motorists on the roadway. Big truck owners are responsible for making sure that their vehicles are regularly serviced and that any damaged or broken components are repaired or replaced immediately. Because big trucks carrying oversized loads weigh so much, even minor wear and tear on vital components can mean the difference between causing an accident and stopping well short of a potential collision.

These are just a few of the parties that are often held responsible when people are injured in oversized truck accidents. Nashville truck accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law know how to investigate these types of accidents and determine how many parties may be liable for the damages suffered by the victims, and we stop at nothing to hold those parties accountable.

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