Cement Mixer Truck Accidents

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If you live near a construction site, there’s a good chance you’ve seen cement mixer trucks on the road near your home or neighborhood. Cement mixer trucks are large vehicles that haul tens of thousands of pounds of cement or concrete that’s stored in a rotating cylindrical container. These trucks are responsible for transporting in the raw materials that are used to construct new homes, businesses, and public works projects like roads and bridges.

Cement mixer trucks are an essential part of the economy and maintaining the infrastructure in Middle Tennessee, but their weight and size can make them dangerous to other drivers on the road. In addition to posing serious risks due to weighing up to 20 times more than standard passenger vehicles, these trucks can also cause significant injuries and accidents if their cargo spills on the roadway or on other vehicles.

Common Causes of Cement Mixer Truck Accidents

The primary causes of cement mixer truck accidents are similar to those that cause other types of industrial truck accidents. These causes include:

Following other vehicles too closely or failing to slow down in time

Cement mixer trucks alone can weigh nearly 30,000 pounds. And when they are carrying a full load of cement or concrete, their weight can double. Due to their extreme weight, cement mixer trucks require much longer distances to slow down or stop. When drivers follow other vehicles too closely or fail to begin applying their brakes when approaching an intersection, they may be unable to stop in time and cause serious accidents.

Neglecting to repair or replace aging, worn out, or broken components

Because of their extreme weight, cement mixer trucks put enormous stress on many critical components, including the brakes, tires, wheels, transmission, and more. In order to make sure these vehicles are safe to driver at all times, they need frequent maintenance and frequent repairs or replacements of worn out parts. When cement mixer trucks aren’t serviced at regular intervals, critical components can fail while the vehicle is in motion, causing drivers to lose control.

Failing to properly train or supervise inexperienced or unlicensed drivers

Driving a cement mixer truck requires excellent driving skills and proper licensure. Because their cargo can weigh as much as the trucks themselves, cement mixer trucks must be driven carefully at all times. Inexperienced or unlicensed drivers may not have the experience necessary to drive big industrial trucks, and their incompetence can lead to rollover accidents or head-on collisions with other vehicles.

Ignoring safety protocols at or near work sites

Construction sites often have rules and regulations that are strictly enforced at all times to protect the safety of workers and people nearby. If those rules are relaxed or if even a single worker fails to observe them, serious accidents can occur. That holds true for cement mixer trucks as well—especially when they’re backing up at a construction site or entering and exiting the site from a public roadway.

These are just a few of the most common causes of cement mixer truck accidents. Regardless of how these types of accidents occur, victims and their families may be eligible to receive compensation for any accident-related expenses.

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