5 Habits of a Top-Rated Lawyer

If you’ve ever searched for a lawyer on Google or another search engine, you’ve probably seen that some law firms seem to be overflowing with dozens, if not hundreds, of five-star reviews. But other law firms may have only a handful of reviews—and many of those may be lackluster or even downright negative. Obviously, there’s a big difference in how those law firms do business, but what is it that makes one a 5-star magnet and the other a bad experience?

Top-rated lawyers do the following:

  1. They communicate well with their clients—Communication is key for law firms and their clients, especially in the personal injury field. Victims need compensation as soon as possible for their medical bills and lost wages, and they trust their attorneys to get it for them. When they’re left in the dark about the status of their claims, they may feel like they’ve been forgotten or abandoned in favor of higher-paying cases.
  2. They stay one step ahead of insurance companies—The worst thing lawyers can do is play the insurance companies’ games. Insurance adjusters know exactly how to reduce or deny claims, and they use that knowledge and experience to take advantage of injured victims. But seasoned lawyers should never fall into that trap. When they do, it means low payouts for their clients or even no compensation at all.
  3. They respond quickly to inquiries and concerns—Calling a lawyer is a big step for many people. After all, most Americans have never needed an attorney before. They expect to be able to tell their story right away, and if their call comes in after business hours, they expect a reply as soon as possible. When firms aren’t prompt about responding to inquiries, many potential clients are turned off and turned away.
  4. They make their clients comfortable—The legal process can be intimidating for many injured victims. They know they need compensation, but the idea of filing a lawsuit, telling all of the facts of what happened, and potentially even going to court can be intimidating. Top-rated lawyers understand this common hesitancy, and they work hard to ensure that their clients are welcomed and that their claims are in good hands.
  5. They fight hard to get clients maximum compensation—The costs associated with personal injuries can be significant. Victims may be on the hook for big medical bills, and they may be unable to afford them due to disabilities keeping them out of work. They need as much money as possible for their accident-related expenses, but some lawyers are content with taking the first settlements that come their way. Good attorneys should collect evidence and negotiate hard to ensure their clients are fairly paid.

Above all, top-rated lawyers work for their clients—not for themselves. They must be passionate about getting justice for people who were injured through no fault of their own, and that means doing everything in their power to win claims. At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville car accident lawyers are just that, very passionate in keeping the client’s case the first priority.

Client Review

“You never think you'll need a lawyer until something terrible happens and you're left feeling alone. I contacted Matt on the recommendation of a friend, and I couldn't be happier with how the entire team guided me through the legal procedure and made me feel important and cared for.”