What Are Your Rights When Filing a Long-Term Disability Insurance Appeal?

If your long-term disability insurance claim was denied, you may feel powerless. Your injury or illness is preventing you from working, but now the money you thought you could depend on may seem to be out of reach for reasons beyond your control.

Although this can be a frustrating time for you, it’s important to not give up. You have many rights that you can exercise during the appeals process to shift the balance of power back in your favor. At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville long-term disability insurance attorneys want to uphold all of your rights and maximize your chances of getting the full compensation you deserve.

Don’t Let the Insurance Company Talk You Out of Your Rights

Whether you just reported your injury or illness, filed your initial claim for benefits, or received a denial notice, rest assured that the insurance company is working hard to protect its profits at every turn. To accomplish that, adjusters often try to talk their clients out of doing things that are in their best interests.

Exercising the following rights can significantly improve your chances of getting access to the benefits you’re entitled to receive:

You have the right to view your long-term disability insurance policy

Sometimes insurance companies deny claims due to mistakes, such as mixing up customer accounts or overlooking important information. If your claim was denied because the insurance company said your injury or illness isn’t covered, you can request a copy of your insurance policy from your employer to review its terms and conditions. Using the insurance company’s own language in your appeal can improve your chances of a successful outcome.

You have the right to request, access, and view your medical information

Getting approved for long-term disability insurance requires proving to your insurance provider that your illness or injury prevents you from working. It’s important to review a copy of your medical records from your doctors before you file an appeal to make sure that their diagnosis and summary of your condition matches what you’re going through on a daily basis. Sometimes doctors use vague language or leave out important information that can jeopardize your chances of a successful appeal.

You have the right to see any doctor of your choosing

Don’t let the insurance company pressure you into seeing a specific doctor, and don’t continue seeing a doctor if you don’t like his or her practice. As a long-term disability insurance claimant, you have the right to visit any doctor, specialist, or physical therapist that you choose. If you feel at any point that your doctor is skeptical that you’re disabled, consider switching doctors or getting a second opinion. Your doctor’s diagnosis and summary of your condition play a huge role in your chances of success when filing an appeal, so it makes sense to avoid doctors who aren’t on your side.

You have the right to view your file from the insurance company

If your initial claim is denied, you should request to view both your denial letter as well as your complete claim file from the insurance company. To obtain these files, speak with the HR representative at your place of employment as well as an adjuster or customer service representative at your insurance provider. Gaining access to your claim file can shed light on why your claim was denied and also help you pinpoint inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete information that, when corrected, can have a big effect on your chances of winning your appeal.

You have the right to not sign anything or communicate with the insurance company

One common tactic insurance companies use to get their clients to settle for reduced or denied benefits is to send lengthy documents that, if signed, will nullify parts of their insurance policies. Another tactic involves speaking with their clients about their injuries or illnesses and using their own words against them. As a claimant, remember that you aren’t required to sign anything or volunteer information about your injury or illness beyond the information provided by your doctor.

You have the right to appeal the insurance company’s denial of your claim

Regardless of the insurance company’s reasons for denying your claim, don’t forget that you have the right to appeal its decision. Insurance companies deny claims for a wide variety of reasons, and sometimes winning an appeal involves nothing more than a second review of your claim, while other cases involve sending the insurance company enough evidence of your medical condition that it simply can’t deny you the benefits you and your family deserve.

You have the right to choose an attorney to represent you during the appeal process.

Insurance companies promise customers like you the world before you sign up for their coverage plans, but as soon as you need the benefits you’ve paid for, it seems like they would rather do anything except pay you the money you need. And whether you speak to an adjuster or a customer service representative, they all have the same goal—maximizing their profits and denying your claim.

That’s why having an experienced Nashville long-term disability lawyer on your side is so important. Going up against a big insurance company on your own can be an uphill battle where the odds are stacked against you. But at Matt Hardin Law, we have years of experience going toe-to-toe with insurance companies and their adjusters and don’t back down when it comes to defending our clients’ rights to the benefits they deserve.

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