Dos and Don’ts For Filing a Long-Term Disability Insurance Appeal

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If your claim for long-term disability benefits was denied, you’re not alone. In fact, a substantial number of first-time applicants see their initial claims get denied by their insurance providers every year. And although you have the option of filing an appeal for a second chance at getting approved for the benefits you need, there’s a good chance your claim will get denied a second time unless you know which steps to take and have an experienced Nashville long-term disability insurance attorney on your side.

Insurance companies are in business to maximize their profits whenever possible, even if that means denying legitimate claims. And while having a legal team on your side can significantly improve your chances of appealing the insurance company’s decision, there are also several things you can do (or not do) to improve your chances on your own. Some of the most important dos and don’ts for filing a long-term disability insurance appeal include:

Do contact an attorney right away after your claim is denied

Maximizing your chances of receiving the full benefits you deserve requires meeting strict deadlines, and the more time our attorneys have to work on your appeal, the better.

Don’t talk about your injury, illness, or condition online or with people you don’t know

Insurance adjusters are always looking for ways to reduce or deny benefits claims, and they’re not above twisting people’s words and using their statements against them. Stay off social media while you’re appealing your claim, and don’t talk to coworkers or acquaintances about your condition or the status of your appeal.

Do cooperate with the insurance company if it asks for additional tests or examinations

Sometimes, insurance companies deny claims for valid reasons, such as a lack of evidence that proves the severity of your injury or illness. If your insurance company requests more information about your condition via medical test results, do your best to comply. Blood tests, physical examinations, MRIs, specialist visits, and x-rays are all commonly requested by insurance companies and can make a big difference in the outcome of your appeal.

Don’t sign anything from the insurance company without talking to your attorney first

When you file an appeal, the insurance company may send you paperwork regarding your policy and your claim. Avoid signing anything you receive from the insurance company without letting your attorney read it. In some cases, insurance companies mislead or coerce their customers into signing vague documents that jeopardize their chances of receiving the benefits they’re entitled to as part of their insurance policies.

Do get as much written documentation as possible about your injury or illness

When you visit your doctor or specialist, ask for a written explanation of the severity of your condition and how it affects your ability to work. You should also ask for statements from any other medical or rehabilitation professionals you see, including physical therapists, vocational experts, and nurses that describe how your injury affects your day-to-day life and capacity for doing your old job or any new jobs.

Don’t give up or settle for anything less than what you deserve

When your claim is denied, your initial thoughts may be that getting any money is better than none at all. It’s important to never give up on getting the full compensation that you’re owed based on the insurance policy that you purchased through your employer. We know that you may feel discouraged if your initial claim is denied, but having an experienced Nashville long-term disability insurance lawyer on your side can level the playing field and improve your chances of winning your appeal.

Do trust our experience and dedication to successfully appealing your denial

Receiving a denial letter from your insurance company can be devastating, and you may feel hopeless—even with a law firm on your side. At Matt Hardin Law, it’s our goal to take the burden of the denial off your shoulders and do everything in our power to reverse the insurance company’s decision and help you get the full benefits your family needs during this difficult time.

We’re Ready to Fight for Your Rights to Get the Benefits You Deserve

When your insurance provider claims that it will give you benefits if you get sick or hurt and can no longer work, it should be held to its word no matter what. Our Nashville long-term disability insurance lawyers believe that insurance companies shouldn’t be allowed to deny claims filed by people like you who are dealing with debilitating injuries and illnesses, and that’s why we strive to build the strongest possible appeals for our clients.

At Matt Hardin Law, we’re not afraid to stand up to the insurance company and demand that you get the full benefits that you were promised when you purchased your long-term disability policy. And if the insurance company still says no, we won’t hesitate to take your appeal to court if necessary.

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