Why Hire a Long-Term Disability Insurance Attorney?

A substantial number of long-term disability insurance claimants will see their first applications denied this year. The reasons for these denials can vary substantially, but claimants have the opportunity to appeal their insurance companies’ decisions in order to get a second chance at receiving the benefits they’re owed.

Unfortunately, insurance companies and their teams of adjusters are well prepared for appeals, and many people suffering from legitimate injuries and illnesses get denied a second time and find themselves without a way to replace the lost income that their families depend on.

If your long-term disability claim was denied and you want to appeal the insurance company’s decision, you need an experienced Nashville long-term disability lawyer on your side to level the playing field. At Matt Hardin Law, our legal team has the experience and the resources to beat the insurance company at its own game and tip the odds in your favor.

5 Reasons an Attorney Can Maximize Your Chances of Winning Your Appeal

Filing an appeal after your LTD claim is denied is an uphill battle. Insurance companies are armed with large teams of adjusters and attorneys who are always looking for ways to maximize profits and reduce the money they pay to their clients. A Nashville long-term disability attorney can help shift the balance of power back to your side by:

1. Reviewing any and all communication and correspondence from the insurance company

Insurance companies aren’t above using “gotcha” techniques to catch people off-guard and coerce them into doing something that puts their ability to file an appeal in jeopardy. Whether it’s a seemingly innocent conversation that leads to the insurance adjuster twisting your words, or a dense packet of paperwork that can nullify your eligibility for benefits with a single stroke of a pen, many insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying their customers. Our legal team can review all communication on both ends to make sure that you remain eligible for full compensation throughout the entire appeals process.

2. Comparing your plan’s stated coverage with your denial letter

Another way that insurance companies don’t play fair is by being inconsistent in the injuries and illnesses their certain plans are advertised to cover, and then denying claimants from receiving benefits when they suffer from those conditions. Our legal team will thoroughly review your plan and look for any inconsistent language between it and the denial letter you received from your insurance provider. Any inconsistencies we find can be used as valuable evidence when we file your appeal.

3. Collecting, preparing, and submitting all required evidence, paperwork, and documentation

Successfully appealing the insurance company’s decision on your LTD benefits claim requires proving that your injury or illness prevents you from working. And when it comes to submitting proof, the more evidence we can collect, the better. That’s why we leave no stone unturned and will go to great lengths to get the evidence required to maximize your chances of getting a favorable result.We will collect, prepare, and submit things like medical records, witness statements, vocational expert statements and testimonies, prescription medication records, physical therapy and rehabilitation records, police reports, and quotes from your doctors, nurses, and surgeons to help paint a complete picture for the insurance company of how significantly your injury or illness affects your day-to-day life and ability to work.

4. Beating the deadlines for filing an appeal

As one of their last lines of defense, insurance companies often give denied policyholders short timeframes to file appeals, with some offering only the minimum amount of time of 60 days. IF you contact us right away after you’ve received the news of your denial, you can count on our legal team to take action right away and begin preparing your appeal. We work quickly and diligently—and that means we don’t miss any details while we work and we don’t miss any deadlines. When you contact Matt Hardin Law, you can count on us to file an appeal on your behalf that’s accurate, complete, and submitted on time.

5. Taking the insurance company to court if it refuses to pay

In some rare instances, insurance companies, despite facing large amounts of evidence that proves the severity of claimants’ injuries, will reject even the most well-researched and documented appeals. If that happens to your appeal, we won’t give up. Instead, we will take the insurance company to trial in an attempt to get the full amount of compensation you deserve. By taking the insurance company to court, you can sue for the full amount of LTD benefits that you’re owed, as well as retroactive benefits that go back to the first day you applied for benefits.

Trust Our Experience and Dedication

At Matt Hardin Law, our philosophy for LTD benefits denials is simple: people who purchased insurance policies through their employers should be entitled to the benefits of those plans when they get sick or hurt and can no longer work. We don’t think families should ever suffer because insurance companies are more focused on their own profits instead of the rights of their paying customers.

If your initial LTD claim was denied, you need an aggressive law firm that has the experience and dedication necessary to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company. Our Nashville long-term disability insurance attorneys know all of the tricks that adjusters use to avoid paying benefits, and we can stay one step ahead. To get in touch with our law firm, just dial fill out a free online form. We’re ready to go to work for your family today.

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