Bardstown Auto Accident

Bardstown Auto Accident Lawyers You’re at your most vulnerable during the days and weeks after your auto accident. In addition to trying to recover from your injuries, you’re also worrying about how you’re going to afford to pay your medical bills and your family’s day-to-day living expenses—especially if your injuries prevent you from going back to work for the foreseeable future. Insurance companies often take advantage of victims during this time by offering low-ball settlements that don’t even come close to covering their full range of accident-related expenses.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Bardstown car accident attorneys know that insurance companies and their teams of adjusters are in business to generate big profits—not pay out fair settlements to innocent victims like you. But we also know their tricks and how to stay one step ahead of them throughout the entire negotiation process. Getting an experienced law firm on your side after your accident can help you maximize your compensation and help you focus on what’s most important: getting better.

We’ll Take the Stress of the Accident Off Your Shoulders Auto accidents are painful, debilitating, and often disabling. You may be facing a long recovery process that involves weeks or months of physical rehabilitation, doctor’s visits, and even surgeries to get back to normal. This can be a stressful and difficult time for you and your entire family. The last thing you want to do while you’re recovering is deal with paperwork, calls from the insurance company, and a tough negotiation process.

We believe that innocent victims should never pay for their own accident-related expenses out of pocket, and we also believe that they should never have to deal with the run-around and red tape often associated with injury claims.

    • We’ll investigate the accident and prove the other driver’s negligence

Our legal team will utilize all available evidence, including traffic, dash, and security camera footage—as well as police reports and witness statements—to piece together an accurate and reliable account of what happened in the moments leading up to the accident. By collecting and analyzing all available evidence, we can help prove to the insurance company that the other driver was at fault for causing your accident.

    • We’ll collect your medical records to prove the severity of your injuries

Even when insurance companies get proof that someone wasn’t at fault for causing an accident, they can still be reluctant to pay settlements if they think the victim wasn’t seriously injured. Your medical records serve as valuable evidence for your claim, and we’ll use them to not only prove that your injuries occurred during the accident, but also to prove that they resulted in expensive medical bills and extended time away from work.

    • We’ll negotiate with the insurance company until you get a favorable settlement

In many cases, insurance companies will first offer victims a “low-ball” settlement that covers only a small percentage of their accident-related expenses. Victims without legal representation often take these initial offers, but we’ll push hard on your behalf to get you the money you deserve. Our legal team is staffed with tough negotiators that know how to play the insurance company’s game, and we play hardball to get our clients maximum compensation.

    • We’ll stay in touch with you throughout the entire process

Some auto accident attorneys rarely contact their clients between the initial meeting and the time their cases settle. However, we know how important it is for our clients to stay up-to-date on the progress we’re making on their cases and the steps we’re taking to fight for their rights. In addition to providing frequent and regular updates on the work we’re doing on your behalf, we’re also available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Don’t Go It Alone—Get Matt Hardin Law on Your Side The odds are heavily stacked against car crash victims who pursue compensation for their injuries without experienced legal representation on their side. Insurance companies are big businesses with teams of employees whose sole job is to reduce or deny settlement claims. Whether it’s an incomplete form, a late submission, or even the twisting of your own words, trying to get a favorable outcome on your own can be difficult.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Bardstown auto accident attorneys have two decades of experience collecting evidence and building strong claims that insurance companies can’t ignore. Don’t go it alone, and don’t trust your family’s future to just any law firm. Contact our legal team today by dialing (270) 282-0110 or 1-800-777-MATT, or by completing a free online consultation form.

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“I'm super pleased with Matt and his whole team. I was hesitant to contact a lawyer after my accident, but I'm so glad I did!”