Brentwood Truck Accidents

What Parties Can Be Held Responsible?

Unlike car accidents that typically have just one party that can be considered negligent in the event of an accident—typically the driver—truck accidents can have multiple parties that can split the blame. At Matt Hardin Law, our Brentwood truck accident lawyers know how to dive into cases and separate fact from fiction and determine which parties failed to uphold their duty to keep others safe on the roadway.

In many cases, multiple parties can be considered negligent at the same time—and we will do everything in our power to gather the evidence necessary to prove that. Some of the most common parties that contribute to truck accidents include:

  • Truck drivers
  • The party most often held responsible for truck accidents, truck drivers are in control of their vehicles and are required to follow all of the traditional rules of the road in addition to following guidelines that limit hours behind the wheel and frequency of rest periods. When drivers violate these guidelines, they are much more likely to cause serious accidents.

  • Truck companies
  • Truck companies are organizations that employ truck drivers to make deliveries of consumer goods and other products. To increase profits, truck companies often overload trucks, making them more difficult for drivers to slow down, stop, or maneuver around corners and in heavy traffic. After investigations, it’s not uncommon for truck companies to be found partially responsible for truck accidents.

  • Truck owners
  • In many cases, neither truck drivers nor trucking companies own the trucks they use in day to day business. Instead, a third party, whether it’s a truck broker, a truck rental company, or a private owner is responsible for the truck. That means that party is in charge of routine maintenance and repairs to keep the truck safe and roadworthy at all times. If a truck is involved in an accident due to irregular maintenance or neglect, the truck owner can be held responsible.

  • Trailer owners
  • The truck isn’t the only thing that can cause an accident. When fully loaded, trailers can weigh significantly more than the trucks that pull them. And like trucks, trailers have many moving parts, including wheels, lights, and even brakes that can fail and cause serious accidents. Trailer owners are required to perform routine maintenance before allowing their trailers to be used in the transportation of goods or industrial materials.

  • Companies responsible for loading trucks
  • A single truck may make multiple stops between the time its leave its point of origin until the time it returns, including at several warehouses to pick up and unload freight. At those stops, the driver, truck company, and truck owner may not have control over what goes into the truck and how it’s loaded—but the company in charge of the warehouse does. If a company doesn’t train its workers to load trucks properly, and an uneven or unsecured load causes an accident, that company could be considered responsible for the accident.

These aren’t even all the parties that can be held liable for the expenses incurred by victims of truck accidents. But at Matt Hardin Law, our Brentwood truck accident lawyers understand the trucking industry and all of the different parties that play roles in a single truck, and we can investigate every facet of the accident to find out who was responsible.

If you or someone you love was injured in a truck accident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our legal team. We know Tennessee truck accident laws and we know how to get compensation for our clients. Just dial fill out a free online form to speak with our legal professionals today.

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