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Ashland City is the county seat of Cheatham County, Tennessee. Cheatham County is 307 square miles with a population of 35,912, including 12,878 households. The median income for these households is $35,836. Other towns in the area include Kingston Springs and Pleasant View. Like other counties across America, Cheatham County is a place where accidents happen. Victims of someone else’s careless conduct are likely to find post-accident hospital bills very expensive and perhaps even financially crippling. If you are hurt due to somebody else’s negligence, you should contact a Cheatham County personal injury lawyer to help you pursue damages. Matt Hardin has compiled experience in many areas of personal injury law, including car wrecks, truck wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, wrongful death claims, and medical malpractice.

Intervening Causes in Ashland City Negligence Lawsuits

If you are bringing a claim based on negligence, part of the task before you lies in proving that the defendant’s actions were the proximate cause of your injuries. “Proximate cause” means “legal cause.” Certain things in life are simply not foreseeable, so a cause that is too remote will not be considered a proximate cause. In some cases, a defendant is able to assert the intervening cause doctrine as a defense. This removes liability in situations when an independent and unforeseen event intervenes to produce a result that an ordinary person or entity could not have foreseen.

The intervening cause doctrine applies only if the intervening act was sufficient to cause an injury but was not reasonably foreseeable to the defendant and was not a normal response to the defendant’s actions. The intervening act breaks the causation chain. The third party’s conduct or another force replaces the defendant’s actions as the legal cause of your injuries, which means the defendant will no longer have liability.

For example, if a person is speeding and driving too close to you, forcing you to drive faster on a one-lane road, this is likely to be considered negligent conduct. However, you then drive into a dangerous construction zone with no sign warning of the construction. Since the road is excessively bumpy from construction and there was no sign, you veer off the road and hit a street lamp, suffering injuries. In that case, a jury might find the bumpy road and the lack of a sign was an intervening cause of your accident. Even though the speeding driver was negligent and forced you to speed up, it might not be possible to hold that driver fully liable.

Both proximate cause and intervening cause depend on foreseeability. But many accidents are caused by more than one act, and the act closest to the injury is not always the most important. The issue is whether an act, either an intervening act or the defendant’s act, is a substantial factor in producing the injury. Liability is imposed only when the consequences of the defendant’s action can be reasonably foreseen, and acting as the defendant did in those circumstances was unreasonable.

Seek the Guidance of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Cheatham County

After an accident, you may be overwhelmed by medical bills, and you may also lose wages while you recover from your injuries. If someone else is at fault, however, you may be able to recover damages by retaining a knowledgeable Cheatham County personal injury attorney. Matt Hardin can evaluate whether another party was negligent and pursue recovery from that person. Schedule a free consultation with him by calling sending a message through our online form. We serve clients throughout Nashville and Cheatham County, including Ashland City and Kingston Springs.

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