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As an employee, you have the right to work for a company that does business in an ethical, moral, and legal manner. And as a taxpayer, you have the right to know that your hard-earned money isn’t being used for fraudulent purposes. Unfortunately, many businesses pad their profits by engaging in illegal activities at the expense of the United States government, putting their employees at risk of sudden job loss and taxpayers on the hook for their corruption. If you or someone you know has seen this kind of corruption or fraud, you need skilled representation.  Contact our Clarksville Qui Tam & Whistleblower Attorneys today.

In some cases, the business that’s taking advantage of the government could be your own workplace. If you’re aware of fraudulent activities occurring at work, whether it’s Medicare and Medicaid-related, government contract-related, or simply falsifying records while working for the government, you could file a qui tam lawsuit and be awarded a percentage of the recovered money by being a whistleblower.

We’ll Investigate the Fraud and Pass Evidence on to the Government

The government is always on the lookout for fraud, whether it’s a private citizen or a corporation that’s doing it. However, the government doesn’t always have the resources to investigate every company for fraudulent activities. That’s why employees who decide to become whistleblowers aren’t just eligible for rewards when they file qui tam lawsuits, but they’re also protected from retaliation.

To increase your chances of getting the money you deserve for your role in exposing the corruption, it’s important that you have an experienced Clarksville qui tam lawyer on your side. When we take on your case, we’ll:

Review the evidence you provide and investigate the fraud

Correctly identifying fraud isn’t always easy—especially if you’re not sure what to look for. At Matt Hardin Law, our Clarksville, TN Personal Injury Lawyers can review the evidence that you provide to determine if it’s likely that your employer is engaging in fraud. If so, we’ll work hard to find out both when the fraud first began and whether it’s still occurring. Qui tam lawsuits have a statute of limitations of six years after the time the activity occurred, so it’s important that whistleblowers act as soon as they discover fraud.

Write a complaint based on your provided facts and gathered evidence

After reviewing the evidence and conducting our own investigation, we’ll formally prepare a document called a relator’s statement that names you as the whistleblower and describes the fraud taking place and evidence that supports that it’s occurring or recently occurred. Upon completion, we’ll get the statement filed under seal, making it confidential, and then send it to the attorney general for governmental review. While this occurs, your employer will be unaware that you’re in the process of filing a qui tam lawsuit.

Wait for the government’s response and proceed with or without its involvement

If your qui tam lawsuit represents significant fraud involving large amounts of money or a systematic abuse of a government program such as Medicaid or Medicare, there’s a good chance the government will take over the case and pursue it via the Justice Department. If that happens, you can still participate in the litigation, but your role will be limited and your payout may be reduced. But if the government declines to pursue the case, you can still proceed with your Clarksville qui tam lawyer, and if the lawsuit is successful, you may be eligible to receive a larger cash reward.

If you’re thinking about filing a qui tam lawsuit, it’s important to get feedback from attorneys who understand these types of cases and know which ones are most likely to succeed. You should also avoid speaking to anyone about your qui tam case other than your attorney, as these cases should be kept strictly confidential while evidence is being gathered.

When you contact Matt Hardin Law, we’ll review your case and any evidence you provide and give you an honest assessment on whether it will amount to a viable lawsuit. If it does, you can count on us to work in a manner that’s both geared towards success while also protecting your anonymity, your family, and your career.

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