Truck Accident FAQs

Being involved in an accident involving a big truck can be among the most traumatic experiences you’ll ever face. Big trucks are notorious for causing significant damage to vehicles and serious, disabling, and even life-threatening injuries to drivers and passengers. Because of the extremely serious nature of these accidents, it’s important that victims learn as much as possible to prepare themselves for the days, weeks, and months ahead.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Clarksville truck accident lawyers are dedicated not only to fighting for the rights of our clients to get full compensation for their accidents but also to help them learn about their next steps. If you’re curious about the aftermath of your truck accident and want to know more, check out our frequently asked questions, below. And if you still have any questions or concerns, please contact our Clarksville Personal Injury Attorneys by dialing filling out a free online form.

What are the biggest threats drivers face from big trucks?

Although trucks aren’t always more likely to be involved in accidents than standard passenger vehicles, the consequences of truck accidents can often be much more deadly. Some of the biggest risks posed by big trucks on the highway include:

Risk of getting run off the road

Truck drivers sit high up off the road and may be unable to see cars driving directly next to them. On narrow roads, even a slight adjustment to the outer edges of a lane can be enough to force a standard passenger vehicle off the road. Truck drivers who shift lanes without checking to make sure there are no cars in their blind spots can also cause serious accidents.

Risk of driving under the truck

Small vehicles, such as convertibles or cars with low centers of gravity may be small enough to fit directly underneath a truck and its trailer. This is extremely dangerous and can occur if either the truck driver or the driver of the car aren’t paying attention. The outcomes of accidents like this are almost always life-threatening or fatal for the driver and his or her passengers.

Risk of a rear-end accident

Trucks are significantly heavier than standard vehicles, and that means they’re also much more difficult to stop or slow down over short distances. If a truck driver is in a situation where he doesn’t have enough time to slow down, like at a traffic light, at the bottom of a hill, or at the scene of a recent car accident, he may rear-end any vehicles ahead of him. The injuries that people in standard vehicles suffer from being rear-ended by a big truck can be catastrophic and often require immediate medical attention.

What makes truck accidents more complicated than car accidents?

Although they may seem similar on the surface, truck accidents are legally much more complicated than car accidents because:

Multiple parties are responsible for a single truck

Instead of pursuing claims against a single party as in a car accident, truck accidents often involve multiple parties that can all share liability. The truck driver and owner, as well as the trucking company, trailer owner, and more can all be considered liable if their negligence contributed to the accident.

The trucking industry is governed by a separate set of regulations

Truck drivers are required to obey all the normal laws of the road and avoid speeding, following too closely, running red lights, and so on. But truck drivers are also bound to follow an additional set of laws set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These regulations include things like maximum hours behind the wheel, truck weight limits, licensing requirements, and more, and are designed to keep truck drivers and other motorists safe.

The settlements for truck accidents are often larger than for car accidents

Because big truck accidents often involve large corporations and because truck accidents often cause more serious injuries, the amounts of money involved in these types of accidents can be much larger than in normal car accidents. And because the stakes are higher, the legal complexity also often increases, as trucking companies may be represented by large insurance companies that have their own large legal teams.

Why should I call Matt Hardin Law after my truck accident?

As you can see from the questions above, handling a truck accident claim on your own can be extremely difficult due to the sheer complexity of the claim and the roadblocks put up by the insurance companies and their legal teams. But when you come to Matt Hardin Law, you get a team of Clarksville Truck Accident Attorneys that know how truck accident claims work and how to maximize results for our clients.

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