Gallatin Truck Accident Attorneys – What Should You Know About Truck Accidents?

To file a successful claim for compensation, truck accident attorneys need to be well-versed in the nuances of truck accident laws and what makes them different from car accidents. At Matt Hardin Law, not only are we experienced in the art of filing successful truck accident claims, but it’s also our goal to make our clients knowledgeable about their claims as well.

While we’re working on your claim, you can use our legal team and our website as a resource to get more information about truck accidents. Read our list of important truck accident facts below, and if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by dialing filling out a free online form.

  • Fact 1: Truck accidents can cause more serious injuries than car accidents.
  • Physics dictates that trucks, which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, are far more dangerous during traffic accidents than passenger vehicles, which generally weight between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. Because of their weight and size, even low-speed truck accidents can have devastating consequences for the victims in the other vehicles involved, and life-threatening injuries aren’t uncommon in truck accidents at all speeds.

  • Fact 2: Truck accidents often have multi-faceted causes.
  • Car accidents generally have one or two easily identifiable causes. Truck accidents, on the other hand, can have several causes or contributing factors, ranging from truck driver fatigue and intoxication to overloaded trucks and negligent repair and maintenance schedules. The experienced Gallatin truck accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law know which Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration violations to look for in your truck accident, and we will hold the negligent parties accountable for your expenses.

  • Fact 3: Big trucks can involve more than just standard tractor-trailers.
  • When many people hear the term “big truck,” they think of a traditional 18-wheeler. While the majority of big trucks fit that description, there are other types of big trucks on the roadways as well, including dump trucks, flatbed trucks, vehicle carrier trucks, moving trucks, tow trucks, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, and more. All of these vehicles are extremely heavy and can pose serious risk to other motorists the same way that 18-wheelers can when they’re involved in accidents.

  • Fact 4: Trucks can injure motorists without being involved in a crash.
  • A truck doesn’t have to collide with another vehicle for it to cause serious injuries. Trucks carry large amounts of cargo that isn’t always tied down properly. When truck cargo, such as logs, boxes, or even vehicles, comes loose, it can fall of the back of the truck and strike other vehicles, posing a serious and life-threatening risk for drivers and passengers. Trucks also carry hazardous and flammable materials that can ignite and cause large fires or even explosions in the event of accidents that only involve the truck—putting other motorists at risk if they’re nearby at the time of the accident.

If you or someone you love was recently involved in a truck accident, you need a law firm with a legal team that’s dedicated to handling truck accident claims. At Matt Hardin Law, our Gallatin truck accident attorneys have years of experience getting truck accident victims the compensation they deserve, and we want to put our experience to work for you as well.

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