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Giles County, Tennessee, is located on the border of the Volunteer State and Alabama. The county’s population totals nearly 30,000 people. The seat of Giles County is Pulaski, a city which was named after an American Revolutionary War hero named Kazimierz Pulaski—a Polish-born soldier who received honorary United States citizenship after his death in 1779.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Pulaski car accident lawyers have more than two decades of experience fighting for the rights of injured victims throughout Giles County. We handle a wide variety of cases, including auto accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, pedestrian accidents, Social Security Disability claims, and more. It’s our goal to help people who were injured or denied compensation get the money they need for their living expenses, including their medical expenses and lost paychecks.


Our legal team knows how frustrating and confusing the aftermath of a vehicle accident can be—especially if your car was damaged and you’re suffering from painful, debilitating injuries that make it difficult or impossible to work. We believe that innocent victims like you shouldn’t have to pay for their own accident-related expenses, and that’s why we put our years of experience to work in cases such as:

  • Pulaski Car Accidents
    After a car accident that wasn’t your fault, proving the other driver’s negligence and the severity of your injuries are the two most important factors when it comes to getting the full settlement you deserve. Our attorneys will gather evidence, such as the police report, witness statements, traffic camera footage, and your medical report to help prove both of those factors to the insurance company. It’s our goal to present evidence that they can’t ignore, deny, or reject when it’s time for you to get paid.

  • Pulaski Truck Accidents
    Truck accident cases can involve many layers of complexity beyond those encountered in car accident cases. In addition to the driver, other potentially negligent parties can include the trucking company and the truck owner—especially if they failed to perform routine maintenance, schedule rest periods for the driver, or knowingly overloaded the truck and exceeded its safe hauling capacity. When we take on truck accident cases, we investigate every party involved with the truck in order to find out where negligence occurred and how it contributed to the accident.


Our law firm is in business to do two things: provide the best care and representation possible for our clients while fighting hard to get them maximum compensation for their claims. Our Pulaski car accident attorneys know that many accident victims want to contact an attorney to get help with their expenses, but they’re often unsure of the costs, the legal process, or whether or not they have a claim. We want to make things easy for you and your family by:

  • Visiting you at home or in the hospital
    Getting out after your accident may be difficult or even impossible—especially if your injury limits your mobility or you’re in the hospital for treatment. To make things easier for you, we’ll visit you at your home or in the hospital to discuss your case.

  • Offering our services on a contingency fee basis
    The popular notion of calling an attorney often involves expensive fees, hourly rates, and pricy consultations. At Matt Hardin Law, all of our initial consultations are free and we charge for our services on a contingency fee basis. It means that we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

  • Keeping you up to date on the status of your case
    When you decide to get an attorney on your side, you deserve to be in the know on what’s happening with your case. Our legal team will check in with you frequently make sure you know how much progress we’re making on your claim and any new developments that occur while we investigate evidence.

  • Representing you at trial if necessary
    Insurance companies are in business to maximize their profits—not pay large settlements to injured victims like you. If the insurance company reduces or rejects our demand letter, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial and fight for the full compensation you deserve.

No matter what type of accident or injury claim you have, it’s important that you get a caring, professional, dedicated, and experienced law firm on your side. Time is of the essence when you pursue compensation for your accident-related expenses, so make the right choice the first time. Get Matt Hardin Law today by dialing (888) 200-1111 or filling out a free online consultation form. It’s our goal to get you the money you need to put the accident behind you for good.

Client Reviews
I am in a business where I work with a lot of attorney's (in another field) and Matt is outstanding, he was compassionate with my needs and injuries and exceeded my expectations. He handled my injury case flawlessly and I was extremely happy with the end result.
My experience was very positive with Matt. He worked dilligently on my case. The outcome was very positive and I could not be happier with how it turned out. The care he took with myself and my family was all I could ask for. I would absolutely work with Matt again.
Matt Hardin provided me with excellent and timely legal services and provided updated info to me along the way. He was trustworthy and genuinely cared about my case and my best interest. I would recommend Matt Hardin to a friend or family member without reservation.
Matt represented me when I got hit by a car while crossing the street. Throughout the process, he gave me a lot of great advice and always made himself available whenever I had a question about anything. Truly a class act.
Matt was very helpful with my car wreck matter. He helped me understand the confusing insurance and court process. He answered all of my questions in a timely manner and took the worry off of me. I highly recommend him.
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