How to Handle Unusual Car Accident Scenarios

Every car accident is different, but most fall into a category that makes the aftermath predictable and routine when it comes to pursuing a claim for compensation. However, some car accidents may have highly unusual circumstances that make building a claim more challenging than usual. At Matt Hardin Law, our McMinnville car accident attorneys have handled virtually every type of car accident claim imaginable, but many of our clients have experienced accidents that left them confused and unsure of their next steps.

Unusual Car Accident Scenarios and How to Handle Them

The following scenarios can occur after car accidents and may present some unique challenges to handling the aftermath of the collision. If you’re ever involved in an accident involving these circumstances, use the information below:

  • Police don’t come to the scene of the accident.
  • Whether it’s due to a minor accident, an accident occurring far from a police precinct or patrol area, or bad weather making it dangerous for police to arrive, there’s a chance that no officers will respond to your car accident. If that happens, you will need to file a police report yourself to have a verified record of the accident.
    You can do this in person at your local police station or online. However, because there will be a delay between the accident and the police report, it’s important to record as many details as possible, including a written description of what happened and photos of the crash scene.

  • The other driver intentionally caused the accident.
  • Some drivers stage car accidents in order to benefit from settlements. In most cases, these accidents appear to be innocent at first, but the other driver will quickly turn the tables against you and use evidence to make it look you were at fault for the accident. Common types of staged car accidents include drivers waving you over to change lanes and them accelerating into your vehicle, slamming on their brakes for no reason to cause a rear-end accident, or crashing into your vehicle at an intersection where it’s difficult to determine who had the right of way.
    If you find yourself as the victim of a staged car accident, it’s best to contact an attorney immediately. The longer you let the process play out without legal help, the more likely it is that you will find yourself considered at fault for the accident—even if the accident was intentionally caused by the other driver. The McMinnville car accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law can collect evidence and investigate the accident to help prove your innocence.

  • The accident involved multiple vehicles.
  • In most cases, determining who was responsible for car accident is fairly simple—especially after an in-depth investigation. But sometimes car accidents involve multiple vehicles, and the vehicle that struck you may have been pushed into your vehicle’s path due to chain-reaction collision that started dozens of feet behind you. Chain-reaction car accidents and pile-ups are common in ice and snow, as vehicles lose traction and a single car accident can turn into a multi-car pile-up very quickly.
    If you were involved in an accident involving multiple vehicles, get contact information from as many drivers and passengers that were involved in the accident as possible and categorize them by the vehicles they were in at the time of the collision. Then, contact an attorney. An experienced McMinnville car accident attorney will be able to use police records and other evidence—including your contact information of other drivers and witnesses—to help determine which drivers’ negligence played a role in causing the accident and your injuries.

These are just a few of the unusual circumstances that drivers may find themselves in after car accidents. If you were injured in a car accident and you need the help of a qualified legal team, contact Matt Hardin Law today. Just dial fill out a free online form. It’s our goal to answer your questions, negotiate with the insurance company, and get you the settlement you deserve.

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