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Lebanon is a small city in Wilson County, Tennessee located about 25 miles east of downtown Nashville. It is just north of I-40, which runs between Nashville and Knoxville. Rail service to Lebanon began in 1871, and the Nashville and Eastern Railroad now offers railroad freight service to the area. The city is the terminus of a commuter rail, the Music City Star. I-40 and U.S. Route 70 also run through Mt. Juliet, which is a stop on the Music City Star commuter rail. Also located in Wilson County is the smaller town of Watertown. Like other bustling areas in the United States, these communities are served by big rigs. Due to their size and weight, commercial vehicles have the potential to cause devastating harm if they collide with a passenger car, pedestrian, or cyclist. If you were hurt in a truck crash near Lebanon, you may be facing substantial medical bills and missed wages. The experienced Lebanon, TN Truck Accident Attorneys at Matt Hardin Law may be able to help you recover compensation for your losses. As a Lebanon truck accident lawyer, he is knowledgeable in all areas of injury law, including car, truck, and motorcycle wrecks, medical malpractice, slip and falls, defective products, and wrongful death.

Fatigued Big Rig Drivers Can Cause Serious Harm

One of the most common reasons for accidents involving 18-wheelers is driver fatigue. The federal government regulates how many consecutive hours a trucker may operate a commercial vehicle and how long his or her breaks must last. The industry has pushed to extend those hours to make it possible for truck drivers to operate their vehicles for longer periods without rest. Moreover, some trucking companies look the other way when they learn that one of their employees is violating the regulations by driving too many hours. Most of these entities don’t pay a salary but instead pay their drivers by distance covered. The more miles a truck is driven, the more money the driver makes.

A commercial driver suffering from fatigue is more likely to drive carelessly and endanger the safety of others on the road. A truck accident lawyer serving Lebanon can help you seek justice if you have been injured in this situation. Proving negligence in a lawsuit requires the following four elements to be established by a preponderance of the evidence: duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. Truck drivers owe a duty to others on the road to operate their big rigs with reasonable care, which means in most cases they should not drive while overtired. Truckers who are fatigued are more likely to fall asleep while driving, and their reflexes probably will be slower to respond.

If you are hurt in an accident involving a fatigued big rig driver, you may be able to allege causes of action against both the individual and his or her employer, and your Lebanon, TN Personal Injury Attorneys will be familiar with how to bring these claims. A trucking company that knows a driver is staying behind the wheel for longer hours than permitted by law often may be held accountable on theories of negligent hire, negligent retention, negligent supervision, or vicarious liability. The company may be liable not only for compensatory damages, such as medical costs, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, and mental anguish but also for punitive damages when a trucker’s actions are grossly negligent or reckless.

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The injuries after an 18-wheeler accident can be catastrophic. You may be uncertain about how you will pay your medical bills, and you may even need to change jobs or take a long time off from work to recover. If you are in a truck accident near the Lebanon area, you and your family may suffer both economic and noneconomic forms of harm. A skilled attorney can evaluate your case and represent you through all phases of an injury lawsuit against the appropriate parties. Contact Matt Hardin by calling (615) 547-2683 or sending a message through our online form.

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