Logan County Car Accident

Logan County Car Accident Attorneys In the hours and days after your car accident, you have one thing on your mind: making sure you and your loved ones get better. However, you also know that the accident may have the potential to be financially devastating, especially if your injuries are severe or disabling. But you may feel helpless to do anything about it from a hospital bed or from your home while you’re recovering and in severe pain.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Logan County auto accident lawyers want you to know that we’re ready to investigate your crash and begin building a claim that’s designed to compensate you for your accident-related expenses. We believe that innocent victims shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for their own medical bills, especially if they’re too hurt to go back to work for the foreseeable future. And we don’t pursue compensation for just your initial expenses—we’ll factor in all the ways the accident will cost you next month, next year, and even a decade or more down the road.

Don’t Settle for Just Any Law Firm after Your Accident There are many law firms in Kentucky that offer representation for auto accidents, but they often lack the experience and dedication necessary to get their clients a fair settlement. Maximizing compensation for auto accident victims is difficult, as insurance companies are well-staffed and well-equipped to avoid paying the full amount. Because of this, some attorneys take shortcuts and accept lowball settlement offers for their clients to turn cases around as quickly as possible.

Our legal team believes that victims deserve the utmost respect, professionalism, and commitment from the moment they contact us until their case is resolved. We strive to provide our clients with the highest possible service by:

  • Leaving no stone unturned while we build a claim
  • Strong car accident claims require strong evidence and keen attention to detail. Our legal team knows what it takes to get favorable outcomes for our clients, that means never taking shortcuts. We will exhaust all possible avenues for obtaining evidence that proves the other driver was at fault, and we’ll make sure every aspect of your claim, from the circumstances of the accident to the severity of injuries, is airtight and backed up with hard evidence when it gets presented to the insurance company.

  • Communicating our progress and crucial updates on the case
  • When law firms view their clients as a number rather than a person, they may go into “radio silence” mode for months at a time, leaving injured victims wondering when their case will be resolved or if their attorneys is even working on it. We know how important your claim is to you and your family, and that’s why we’ll give you regular updates on our progress and what we’re doing to close in on the settlement you deserve. In addition, we’re also available to answer questions and address concerns.

  • Negotiating to get you the maximum compensation
  • Insurance companies are in business to make big money for themselves, not pay out big money to injured victims. In many cases, insurance companies and their teams of adjusters will offer initial settlements that don’t even come close to paying for victims’ expenses. Our legal team knows their tactics, and we aren’t afraid to play hardball to get you full compensation. And if they refuse to accept our terms, we’ll even represent you in court.

Ready to Take the First Step? Call Today Contacting an attorney can be an intimidating experience, especially if you’ve never needed one. At Matt Hardin Law, our Logan County auto accident lawyers know that the legal process is unfamiliar for many people, and that’s why we’ll take the time to discuss all aspects of your case and your options for pursuing compensation. It’s our goal to make sure you’re well-informed about your rights and the possible avenues for getting the money you deserve.

We have over two decades of combined experience representing injured victims and their family members, and we’re ready to put that experience to work for you. Contact our legal team today at (270) 282-0110 to find out how you can take the first steps toward putting the accident behind you for good.

Client Review

“I'm super pleased with Matt and his whole team. I was hesitant to contact a lawyer after my accident, but I'm so glad I did!”