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Some businesses operate in a legal grey area to increase efficiency and maximize profits, and they may cross the line and partake in illegal activities at the expense of the government. Many people who work for businesses that engage in unethical and fraudulent activities are hesitant and even afraid to mention the issue to others due to fear of reprisal or termination. However, the law protects whistleblowers who expose illegal practices and fraud at their job sites via qui tam lawsuits.

Whether your employer is filing false Medicare and Medicaid claims, receiving government contracts for work that is never completed, or fails to use government assets and funds for work-related purposes, it’s important that you expose it with an experienced and qualified Murfreesboro qui tam attorney on your side. At Matt Hardin Law, our Murfreesboro Personal Injury Attorneys know how sensitive and delicate these lawsuits and other personal injury claims can be, and that’s why we work to keep your identity strictly confidential.

Why Should You File a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

People who file qui tam lawsuits are eligible to recover a percentage of the money that the government gets back from companies that engage in fraudulent activities. If you are an employee of the company, or you’re involved with the company in a professional manner, and you are the first person who files the qui tam lawsuit, laws in the state of Tennessee mean that you can get compensation of anywhere from 15 percent to 50 percent of the government’s recovery.

In addition, filing a qui tam lawsuit won’t put your job or your career at risk. The federal government’s False Claims Act, Tennessee False Claims Act, and the Tennessee Medicaid False Claims Act are all similar in that they protect whistleblowers from termination or reprisal when they file qui tam lawsuits that are designed to expose corruption and fraud. If your identity is exposed and your employer retaliates, you can file another lawsuit that will help you get reinstated to your job and even twice the pay if your employer withheld your paycheck.

One of the best ways to protect yourself if you decide to file a qui tam lawsuit is to avoid discussing it with anyone except your attorney. At Matt Hardin Law, we work to keep qui tam whistleblowers completely anonymous and their identities confidential throughout the entire process, but others may not realize the sensitive nature of the investigation.

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The United States government takes an active interest in stopping fraud and recovering lost money, but it doesn’t always get involved in qui tam lawsuits. Although cases, where the government does get involved, are more likely to be successful, these represent only a small number of cases. Cases, where the government decides to not intervene, can be more lucrative for the employee who files the lawsuit, but only if the lawsuit is successful.

Matt Hardin Law’s team of Murfreesboro qui tam attorneys knows what it takes to fully protect client identities and proceed with the utmost confidentiality and privacy. We’ll do everything we can to both maximize your reward for pursuing the lawsuit and protect your employment status and your career in the unlikely event that your employer attempts to retaliate.

Don’t wait another day to file a qui tam lawsuit if you’ve witnessed fraud taking place at your job. Remember—if someone files the lawsuit before you, you’re ineligible to receive compensation. Don’t take any chances: contact us today by dialing (615) 600-4941 or completing a free online consultation form.

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