Nashville Car Accident Resources

Whether you were just involved in a car accident, are awaiting an upcoming court appearance, or just need some information about local resources, the Nashville car accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law put together this list of contact information for judicial and city websites in the area.

Davidson County General Sessions Court Judges

If you have a car accident claim and need to go to court, you will most likely be scheduled for a hearing in the Metropolitan General Sessions Court. This court is located at the Justice A.A. Birch Building near downtown Nashville and is staffed by 11 judges who served eight-year terms and hear cases ranging from misdemeanor and felony crimes to civil lawsuits and traffic citations.

The current judges in the Metropolitan General Sessions Court in Davidson County/Nashville include:

  • Division I: Judge Gale B. Robinson
    Phone: (615) 862-5571
  • Division II: Judge Melissa Blackburn
    Phone: (615) 862-8329
  • Division III: Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton
    Phone: (615) 880-3713
  • Division IV: Judge Allegra Walker
    Phone: (615) 880-3694
  • Division V: Judge Dianne Turner
    Phone: (615) 862-8312
  • Division VI: Judge Michael F. Mondelli
    Phone: (615) 862-8326
  • Division VII: Judge William E. Higgins
    Phone: (615) 862-8313
  • Division VIII: Judge Rachel L. Bell
    Phone: (615) 862-8341
  • Division IX: Judge Lynda Jones
    Phone: (615) 880-3672
  • Division X: Judge Casey Moreland
    Phone: (615) 862-5572
  • Division XI: Judge John Aaron Holt
    Phone: (615) 880-3683

Davidson County Circuit Court Judges

Circuit courts are courts of general jurisdiction in Tennessee. These courts hear cases ranging from civil to criminal as well as appeals of decisions made by Juvenile, Municipal, and General Sessions courts throughout the state.

The Circuit Court judges in District 20 (Nashville) include:

  • Judge Joseph P. Binkley
    Phone: (615) 862-5915
  • Judge Thomas White Brothers
    Phone: (615) 862-5917
  • Judge Hamilton V. Gayden
    Phone: (615) 862-5901
  • Judge Kelvin D. Jones
    Phone: (615) 880-2591
  • Judge David Randall Kennedy
    Phone: (615) 862-5990
  • Judge Amanda McClendon
    Phone: (615) 862-5905
  • Judge Philip Robinson
    Phone: (615) 862-5907
  • Judge Philip E. Smith
    Phone: (615) 862-5910

Helpful Links for Nashville Car Accident Victims

The following links may provide helpful information for you and your family if you have a pending case in the Davidson County courts system:

  • Civil Cases Online Access
  • Use this link to find information about civil cases, including fees, judge schedules, downloadable forms, and frequently asked questions.

  • General Sessions Court Frequently Asked Questions
  • If it’s your first time being in court, you will probably have many questions about the process. Ask your Nashville car accident attorney and check out this list of frequently asked questions on the Davidson County courts website.

  • Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
  • Check out the official Nashville Police Department’s website to find out information about city safety initiatives, contact information for your local precinct, forms to report aggressive drivers and possible criminal activity, and file a request for police to observe traffic in your neighborhood.

  • Nashville City Services, Programs, and Initiatives
  • Use this link on the official Nashville city website to find contact information for important services, programs, and initiatives

  • List of Recent Car Accidents in Nashville
  • This resource provided by the city of Nashville offers real-time information about recent car accidents that occurred in or around the city limits within the past few hours. This information can help drivers determine where traffic accidents are most likely to occur in the city.

  • Report an Aggressive or Dangerous Driver
  • This page allows drivers like you to report dangerous or aggressive drivers in Nashville to the local police precincts. You can report the area where the incident occurred, a description of the vehicle and driver, the number of incidents witnessed, and a description of what happened during each incident.

  • Tennessee Department of Transportation Traffic Information
  • Before you head out on a road trip through the Volunteer State, check TDOT’s traffic map and highway information system to anticipate or avoid any routes with major accidents or road closures.

The Nashville car accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law hope these resources are helpful to you and your family during the aftermath of your car accident. We know how confusing this time can be, but the more information you have about car accidents, the court system, and how your local government responds to traffic accidents, the more comfortable you will feel pursuing the compensation you deserve.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our legal team at fill out a free online consultation form. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

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