Shelbyville Car Accident FAQ

After your car accident, you may have many questions about the accident, getting compensation, and how to best handle your uncertain future. The Shelbyville car accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law created these frequently asked questions to help you better understand the consequences of an auto accident and the steps to take to get full compensation.

  1. What are common causes of car accidents?
    There are a number of factors related to drivers, car manufacturers, and road conditions that can lead to car accidents, including:

    • Driving while distracted
    • Using a cell phone, texting, watching television, reading, changing radio stations, eating, and applying makeup are all highly distracting activities that can take drivers’ attention away from the road and make them more likely to cause an accident. Distracted driving is against the law in most states, as studies show it can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

    • Driving under the influence
    • Whether a driver consumed alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel, he or she is still much more likely to cause a serious accident than a sober driver. Alcohol and drugs can both cause impaired judgment and reaction times—and intoxication is a major factor in many car accidents that lead to serious injuries and disabilities.

    • Manufacturing defects
    • Vehicle manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure the cars they produce use safe components that are tested and verified to operate properly at all times. But sometimes, cars get released to the public that feature malfunctioning components or safety equipment that can cause accidents if a mechanical failure occurs.

    • Poorly maintained roadways
    • Local, city, state, and federal governments have a responsibility to keep public roadways safe and in good condition for drivers to use. Hazards like downed trees and power lines, large pot holes and loose pavement, and missing guard rails or center dividers can all lead to serious accidents and injuries.

  2. What types of compensation can I receive for a car accident?
    If you were involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible to receive monetary damages for a wide variety of accident-related expenses, including:

    • Medical bills
    • The injuries you suffer in a car accident can be wide-ranging and require extensive medical treatment, prescription medications, physical rehabilitation, and other inpatient and outpatient costs. Because these costs often exceed coverage provided by your insurance, you can pursue additional compensation to cover excess costs.

    • Lost wages
    • Auto accidents cause injuries that leave you in severe pain and unable to move or work like you were able to do before you were injured. That combination of pain and disability can make it difficult or even impossible to go back to work for weeks, months, or even years. An auto accident claim can help you get compensation for the wages you’ve lost and are expected to lose in the future due to the accident.

    • Pain and suffering
    • Being in an auto accident doesn’t just cause physical pain and scarring. It can also cause you to develop psychological issues ranging from anxiety and phobia of riding in vehicles to depression and reduced quality of life. Mental pain can be just as debilitating as physical pain, and that’s why you can file a claim to receive compensation for your suffering.

  3. Why Should I Call Matt Hardin Law after an auto accident?
    If you’ve been in an auto accident that left you injured or unable to work, you deserve to be represented by a law firm that knows Tennessee auto accident laws. At Matt Hardin Law, our Shelbyville car accident lawyers know how to build the strongest cases possible for our clients.

When you call us, we’ll investigate your accident and determine who was responsible for causing it. Then, we’ll collect evidence like accident scene photographs, witness statements, and medical/police reports to build a case the insurance company can’t ignore. It’s our goal to help you get maximum compensation for your accident-related expenses.

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