Smyrna Truck Accident Attorneys FAQs

Truck Accident Frequently Asked Questions

After a truck accident, it’s common for injured victims to have many questions about their injuries and recovery, their ability to get compensation for their accident-related expenses, and the timeline of the legal process. At Matt Hardin Law, our Smyrna truck accident lawyers created this list of frequently asked questions to help our clients and recent truck accident victims to gain a better understanding of their accident and what to expect during the days, weeks, and months ahead.

What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

You may wonder what caused your truck accident and whether it could have been avoided. Some of the most common causes include:


Driver error

Because of the massive size and weight of the vehicles they control, truck drivers require extensive training before they’re allowed on the road. Safely driving a truck demands concentration and focus for long periods of time, and sometimes drivers simply make mistakes due to fatigue, drowsiness, or alcohol intoxication. No matter what causes truck drivers to make mistakes that lead to accidents, they can still be held responsible for any expenses.


Improper loading procedures

Trucks are rated to carry loads of a certain weight called the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This system is used to let truck drivers, trucking companies, and truck loaders know the maximum amount of cargo they can load on a truck while keeping it street legal and safe. But in an effort to maximize profits, these ratings are sometimes ignored. Overloaded trucks are much more difficult to drive and have decreased acceleration and increased braking time, as well as a higher propensity to rollover accidents, making them a serious threat to other drivers.


Maintenance neglect

Like all vehicles, trucks need frequent maintenance to run their best and remain safe to drive. Everything from the tires, brakes, lights, and engine should be regularly serviced to avoid potential problems while the vehicle is in operation. However, because of the time-consuming nature of repairs, some truck companies neglect the recommended maintenance schedules and leave their trucks on the road for far too long, which can result in damage to the trucks and even serious accidents.

Who is responsible for my truck accident?

There are several parties that can share liability in the event of a truck accident, including:


The truck driver

Truck drivers are responsible for driving their trucks safely at all times. If the accident is a result of their own negligence or unsafe driving behaviors, they can be held responsible for any expenses.


The truck company

Trucking companies are required to make sure their drivers follow regular rest schedules and that the trucks in their fleets are regularly maintained and inspected. If they attempt to bend or break the rules and regulations to increase profits, they can be fined, as those violations can lead to accidents.


The truck owner

If trucks are leased to drivers or truck companies, the owners are responsible for making sure they are in good condition and safe to drive on highways and interstates. That includes performing routine maintenance and replacing any aging or broken parts that could be hazardous to the driver or other motorists.

How can a Smyrna truck accident lawyer help me?

The trucking industry is complex, and so are the laws that govern truck accidents. To have a chance at getting a fair settlement after an accident, it’s important that you have a law firm on your side that understands the industries and how truck accident settlements work.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Smyrna truck accident attorneys know the ins-and-outs of Tennessee truck accident laws, and we’ve helped many victims just like you get compensation from big trucking companies. We’re not afraid of large corporations or their insurance providers, and we won’t back down without doing everything in our power to get you the money you deserve.

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