5 Signs You Have a Top-Rated Lawyer

You were hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault. You contacted a lawyer, told them what happened, and have agreed to let them build a claim on your behalf to help you get compensation for your injury-related expenses. How do you know if the lawyer you just hired is at the top of their field and trustworthy, or if they’re going to churn your case to make a quick buck?

It may seem difficult to tell the difference between honest, caring, and compassionate lawyers, and lawyers that see their clients as nothing more than numbers and dollar signs. After all, even the latter type of lawyers may say and do things to gain your trust initially. Because Tennessee’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases is just one year after they occur, it’s vital to make sure you get it right the first time when looking for a lawyer. Here are five ways to tell you’ve found the right top-rated lawyer for you and your loved ones:

  1. They’re honest with you—Not all claims are created alike. Lawyers should always be honest with potential and current clients, including the potential value of their claims and whether they should move forward. It’s important for attorneys to give their clients realistic expectations for common questions such as how much money they’ll get, how long it will take for their claims to settle, and whether or not they’ll have to go to court.
  2. They keep you updated on their progress—Even the most cut and dry personal injury claims rarely settle right away. Insurance companies often want to drag them out in hopes of being able to pay reduced settlements. When that happens, victims may wonder if their claims will ever settle or if their attorneys have forgotten about them. Client-focused law firms will provide their clients with regular updates on the status of their claims and will always be available to answer their questions.
  3. They protect you from the insurance company—Insurance companies know that lawyers are familiar with their tactics, but victims often aren’t. Sometimes adjusters will reach out to victims directly or even “spy on them—including digitally via social media accounts—to dig up inconsistencies in their stories or to prove they aren’t as injured as they say are. Experienced and top-rated lawyers know all about these strategies, and they’ll do everything they can to protect their clients.
  4. They consider how the accident will affect your future—Your medical bills and lost wages may be overwhelming right now. But accepting a settlement that only covers the debt you’ve incurred up to now would be a mistake. That’s because accident-related costs often continue to build—sometimes for years. Experienced lawyers know that, and they’ll calculate how much injuries will cost their clients well into the future.
  5. They don’t give up or accept low-ball settlements—It’s a given that insurance companies are reluctant to pay fair settlements to victims. Some will offer “low-ball settlements” right away in the hopes that victims and their lawyers will accept the offers, while others will continue to deny settlement demands altogether. If you have a top-rated lawyer, he or she will push hard to get you every penny you deserve and will never accept any settlements that are less than what your claim is worth.

At Matt Hardin Law, we take pride in our high ratings, and we strive to always provide excellent customer service to all of our clients. Find out why we’re among Nashville’s top-rated law firms by contacting one of our Nashville car accident attorneys today.

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