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Tullahoma and Manchester are communities in Coffee County, Tennessee. At the 2010 census, Tullahoma’s population stood over 18,000 and Manchester’s population was about 10,000, but Manchester’s population rises dramatically to over 100,000 during the annual Bonnaroo Music Festival. Tullahoma is the principal city of the largest micropolitan area in Tennessee. Founded in 1852, it was a work camp along the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad. Before then, it was populated primarily by farmers. After the Civil War, the town started to prosper due to the presence of the railroad and became a popular health destination, as well as a site for manufacturing companies. Jack Daniel’s whiskey is distilled nearby in Lynchburg. If you have been hurt in a car crash in Tullahoma or Manchester, you should retain an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Tullahoma car accident lawyer Matt Hardin is skilled in all areas of injury law, including car, truck, and motorcycle wrecks, wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip and falls, defective products, and more.

Take Legal Action to Hold a Careless Driver Accountable

In order to recover damages, a victim of an auto accident must show four key elements by a preponderance of the evidence. These consist of the defendant’s duty of care, the defendant’s breach of this duty, actual and proximate causation, and quantifiable damages. Tennessee follows the doctrine of comparative negligence when more than one person or entity is responsible for an accident. Under this rule, percentages of fault are apportioned among the parties.

Some states follow the theory of joint and several liability, which permits a car accident victim to recover the full amount of damages from any of the defendants whose negligence caused the crash. In Tennessee, however, an injured person may only recover from any party to the extent that this defendant was at fault. A Tullahoma lawyer who understands car accident lawsuits can assess this aspect of your case if needed.

For example, a motorcyclist might cut through traffic, causing a car driver to swerve and collide with you. As a result, you might crash into a concrete truck illegally parked on the side of the road. This might mean that you would be able to sue the motorcyclist, the car driver, and the owner of the concrete truck for damages. The jury would assess the total amount of harm and apportion liability among the responsible parties.

If the jury determines you suffered $500,000 in damages and finds that the motorcyclist was 50% at fault, the passenger car driver was 10% at fault, and the concrete truck was 40% at fault, you could recover $250,000 from the motorcyclist, $50,000 from the passenger car driver, and $200,000 from the concrete truck. If you are found to be partially responsible for the accident, you can recover the percentage of damages for which others are at fault, as long as you are only 49% or less responsible. Victims who are 50% or more responsible for a wreck cannot receive any compensation. An experienced Tullahoma car accident attorney can discuss in detail how this rule works, and whether it may impact your case.

In Tennessee, drivers are legally required to carry a minimum of $25,000 for a single injury in automobile liability coverage. However, some drivers do not carry insurance or carry only the bare minimum, which may not be enough to cover your expenses in the case of a serious accident. If one of the parties in the above example is underinsured or uninsured, you may need to file a claim with your own insurance carrier under the uninsured motorist coverage provisions of your policy.

Discuss Your Car Accident Case with a Tullahoma Attorney

Car accidents can have significant repercussions. If you are harmed near Tullahoma or Manchester because of another driver’s negligence, dedicated lawyer Matt Hardin can help you pursue the compensation that you deserve. Among the damages that you might seek to recover are your medical bills, lost wages, mental anguish, damage to property, and pain and suffering. In extreme cases, it may be appropriate to ask for punitive damages. Consult Matt Hardin by calling 615-200-1111 or by sending a message through our online form.

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