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Tullahoma and Manchester are cities in Coffee County, Tennessee. The population of Tullahoma stands at close to 20,000 people. It is known throughout the area for its cultural scene, including a music festival, a Fine Arts Center, the South Jackson Civic Center, and strong arts programs in its schools. Tullahoma is also home to Motlow State Community College and the University of Tennessee Space Institute. Its high school boasts a number of graduates who are professional sports players, including a former NFL quarterback, a former NFL linebacker, and several professional baseball players. Other former residents of note include Jimmy Valiant, a professional wrestler, and country singer Dustin Lynch. If you have been harmed in a tractor-trailer wreck in Tullahoma or the nearby town of Manchester, knowledgeable attorney Matt Hardin may be able to help. He is a Tullahoma truck accident lawyer skilled in all types of vehicle crash cases, ranging from car and truck to motorcycle accidents. He has also helped numerous victims in other areas of injury law, representing them in claims related to medical malpractice, and wrongful death to slip and falls and defective products.

Seek Compensation Through a Negligence Lawsuit

A crash victim suing a commercial driver for negligence is tasked with showing the truck driver’s duty of care and identifying a careless action that violated it. It is also necessary to draw a causal link from the trucker’s carelessness to the accident and to prove that actual damages were incurred as a result.

In general, all big rig drivers owe a duty of care to avoid exposing those around them to unnecessary danger. Part of this obligation involves following a wide range of federal and state regulations, put in place to protect the public. A truck driver’s failure to obey a safety statute can lead to a negligence per se cause of action, which a Tullahoma lawyer familiar with truck accident cases will be able to discuss with you. Using this theory can substitute for proving the elements of duty and breach in an ordinary negligence claim if the injured person can establish that he or she was the type of person that the law was designed to protect, and the accident was the sort of harm that it was intended to prevent.

However, a truck driver’s failure to use due care will only expose him or her to liability if that failure is proved to be the proximate cause of an accident. Certain actions may be too remote for the crash to be considered a foreseeable result. For example, an accident caused by an intoxicated trucker several miles ahead of you might cause a traffic jam. A second tractor-trailer might see the congestion too late to reduce speed because the driver was texting. As a result, that second truck might strike your car. While you probably could establish that the second driver’s carelessness in texting was a proximate cause of the accident, it is unlikely that you could hold the intoxicated trucker several miles ahead accountable for your harm. An experienced Tullahoma truck accident attorney can assess any questions you may have about causation in your case.

If you file a lawsuit after a big rig crash, the driver or the trucking company might argue that you were partly at fault for your own injuries. You will not be able to recover any damages in a negligence claim if a Tennessee jury finds that you were 50% or more responsible for causing a collision. If you are just 40% at fault, by contrast, you can recover for up to 60% of your damages. The dramatic difference between these potential outcomes makes it especially important to consult a knowledgeable lawyer.

Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Helping Victims in Tullahoma

Devastating and sometimes life-changing injuries can result from truck crashes. If you have been harmed near Tullahoma or Manchester as a result of a commercial driver’s negligence, lawyer Matt Hardin can help you seek the compensation that you deserve. Among the damages you can potentially recover are your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. Arrange a free initial consultation with Mr. Hardin by calling 615-200-1111 or sending a message through our >online form.

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