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Recovering Compensation for Injuries in White County

Home to about 26,000 people, White County is located in a scenic region of Middle Tennessee. Both visitors and residents enjoy exploring attractions such as Burgess Falls State Park, perched on the eastern edge of the Highland Rim near the Cumberland Plateau. Despite the natural beauties of this area, however, many people fall victim to accidents or wrongdoing in Sparta and other areas of White County. Whether you are hurt in a vehicle wreck or because of a healthcare professional’s negligence, an experienced White County personal injury attorney may be able to help you seek damages. We will examine all possible sources of compensation, strategize, and advocate on your behalf.

Damages in Personal Injury Lawsuits in Tennessee

Tennessee law permits a range of damages to be recovered in the event of a personal injury. Among these are medical bills, lost wages, permanent injuries, loss of enjoyment, physical and mental pain and suffering, and disfigurement.

In Tennessee, you can recover all reasonable and necessary medical expenses that are caused by a defendant who is found to be at fault. These include not only what you’ve already incurred in the ER and at doctor’s visits before settlement or trial, but also future medical bills for ongoing physical therapy, surgeries, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

The main caveat is that these future expenses must be reasonably certain and necessary. You cannot recover for future damages that are too speculative. This is one reason it is important not to take any quick offers from insurers right after an accident. If you take such a settlement, you will foreclose the opportunity to recover if your injuries prove to be more severe than originally believed. You can recover only once, and a personal injury lawyer serving White County can help you assess the merits of any settlement offer you receive.

You can recover for wages lost because you had to miss work to recover or go to medical appointments. For more serious injuries, you also can recover for income you lose in the future because you can no longer do the same job at the same rate of pay. You can recover for permanent injuries and disfigurement, such as scars from burns or amputated limbs. Typically, you will need to present testimony from a medical expert in the relevant field.

Another item of recoverable damages is past and future loss of enjoyment. This is harder to quantify. An experienced personal injury attorney will go over your hobbies and pleasurable experiences before and after the accident to fully explore this loss. For example, you might have enjoyed playing basketball to relax with your buddies every week or gone running every day before your accident. If you are unable to use your legs after your accident, the loss of those activities is compensable. The value of your damage will depend on a variety of factors specific to you, such as age, life expectancy, and the amount of time you spent on particular activities outside work. An experienced personal injury lawyer in White County can help you calculate these damages.

Another non-economic damage consists of physical and mental pain and suffering. Your lawyer will have to be familiar with all of your injuries and know to what extent these are likely to cause you pain in the future. If your accident has caused a loss of sexual function, for example, you may experience physical pain as well as anguish, worry and shame in the future with your spouse or another romantic partner. In those cases, your spouse may have an additional claim for loss of consortium.

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