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Named for a state governor, Cannon County is located in Tennessee. Its county seat, Woodbury, is part of the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its population was 13,801 in the 2010 census, and its median household income was $23,846. Experienced personal injury attorney Matt Hardin represents clients in Woodbury and throughout Cannon County who have been hurt due to medical malpractice, truck wrecks, car wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, and other negligent actions.

Proving Injuries and Pre-existing Injuries in Tennessee

To recover damages after a car accident, you will need to prove your injuries. This means that you must submit your medical records and possibly testimony from a medical provider. The proof of your injuries need not be mathematically exact, but their existence should be reasonably certain. You cannot recover for damages that are too speculative. For example, if you think that the defendant’s rear-ending of your vehicle caused a disc herniation, you will need to submit evidence of that in the form of an MRI or treating physician’s testimony. It is usually not enough to simply testify to the jury that you have pain in your back.

Many people have injuries from prior accidents or medical conditions before they are involved in a more recent wreck. In general, a defendant must accept a plaintiff as he or she is found. This means that a crash victim can recover damages for aggravations of pre-existing injuries, not just new injuries. However, there must be expert testimony from a medical expert connecting the additional harm to the defendant’s actions. It is not enough to simply assert a belief that your injury was aggravated. An attorney experienced in bringing personal injury cases in Cannon County can help you determine how to best present expert testimony.

For example, in a car accident case, the defendant might provide evidence that the accident victim has pre-existing degenerative disc disease. The victim then would have to present a medical expert, who can testify not only that someone with degenerative disc disease is more susceptible to injury but also that the car accident aggravated the degenerative disc disease. An expert cannot simply testify generally about a correlation between degenerative disc disease and pain after a car accident.

Under Tennessee law, the jury may award damages to a victim for exacerbation of an injury only if a suitable expert testifies both as to the pre-existing injury and as to its aggravation from the accident. The importance of expert testimony to personal injury cases is one reason that it is important to retain an experienced and knowledgeable personal attorney. If an insurer knows about a pre-existing injury, it is less likely to settle the case for its full value, unless your attorney has a strong reputation and retains high-quality experts. An excellent expert witness has both the relevant knowledge and the persuasive demeanor necessary to convince a jury of a critical aspect of your case. Less experienced attorneys may not have the experience to select an expert who can provide convincing testimony for you.

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Knowledgeable truck wreck attorney Matt Hardin can build a case against the person or people responsible for injuries that you suffered in the Woodbury area and throughout Cannon County. He can also try to anticipate potential problems in your case and work to fight them. Schedule a free consultation with him by calling by sending a message through our online form. We serve clients in Nashville, Woodbury, and Cannon County, as well as elsewhere in Tennessee.

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